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    Living Lab Maashaven


    Stadslab Maashaven is a living lab in Rotterdam South. In this part of the city about 180 nationalities live. Connecting these different inhabitants with each other, with entrepreneurs and city planners is the main focus of the living lab. An inclusive planning for an inclusive city is our goal.

    Stadslab Maashaven


    The residents’ committee Heerenbeek (BCH) has taken the initiative to improve the quality of life in the complex Heerenbeek 1 and 2. They jointly started looking for solutions for issues such as changing health care needs, mobility and loneliness of current and future residents.

    Hortus Heerenbeek

    Citizen Initiative Public Space

    Vitibuck has developed an educational program for Charlois aan het Water to stimulate primary school children in the South of Rotterdam to get to know their living environment better and introduce them to water management. The lessons are rounded up by a bike excursion along the dikes of the South.


    Activity Education

    The premiere of the documentary was along the quay at the Maashaven with a breath taking view of the skyline of Rotterdam. The documentary is a collaboration between Vitibuck, architect Gert Jacob de Graaf and filmmaker Andre Pijnappel. The film takes the public back in time and shows the history of this important route to the city, the shipping magnates and the stories of the inhabitants.

    Maashaven Cinema

    Activity History

    Vitibuck organised for Charlois aan het Water together with Dit is Zuid and Gert Jacob de Graaf a very special boat excursion along the last grain elevators in the harbour of Rotterdam. During the excursion at the Maashaven and also at the Leuvehaven the story of the grain transhipment as the source for the growth of the harbour of Rotterdam is told.


    Activity History

    The Loop-Met-Me-Mee app is a walking app with personal and communal stories for the future generation of elderly people. The app is designed by Arzu Ayikgezmez (Vitibuck) and Marlou de Jong as part of the Open Call “Dementia in Public Space” by the Netherlands Funds for the Creative Industry and the city of Rotterdam. Read here a summary of the results.

    Loop-Met-Me-Mee app

    Research Care