Entrance Lloydtower

    The design for the entrance hall is based on the idea of a new core: a place to "catch your breath" or wait for a taxi or visitors. A place to have a chat with other residents. This way the hall is not only a transit place but also a meeting place.

    Coming home in the Lloydtower

    According to the residents of the Lloydtower in Rotterdam their entrance hall looks poor and no longer matches the value of their homes. The entrance hall shows fist signs of decay and has a messy and corporate look. The VVE Lloydtoren has asked Vitibuck to make a proposal for renovation and update of the entrance hall. The design is based on the idea of a new central interior element that incorporates as many wishes as possible from the residents: a warmer atmosphere, seating areas for meeting, package lockers, better lighting and clearer routing. The surface of the new bamboo covered core integrates the existing access doors and chase, providing a calmer image and reinforcing the spatial relationship between elevators and entrance door.